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Order & Payment

To order and purchase any items from this web site is as easy as one, two, three.

1. Simply type onto the 'Order Form' below or contact me directly with a description of what you are interested in purchasing. Please include the painting code and title if it is from a gallery page. (Or some items have a quick buy now link).

2. I reply with the expected item dispatch date, or predicted commission completion time. Also I will confirm the total amount to pay (I usually reply within a couple of hours). If you decide to go ahead and order the item you can then make your payment.

3. Once payment is cleared I post your item, or if it is a commission painting I begin to paint it. (More details about ordering commission paintings lower down). Items are posted with a Royal Mail tracking code so you can follow your item on its way to you.

Order Form:

Occasionally my on line order form is not compatible with your computer and I will not have received your order even though it says it was sent. If you do not get a reply within 24 hours, please contact me directly instead via email sixfootsophie@yahoo.com or telephone / text 07932 606867 or Facebook messenger @SwirlySophArt

Postage Costs in U.K.

All items are posted with Royal Mail recorded postage, so you will have a tracking code to follow your parcel to its lovely new home, and a signature is required on delivery. Paintings from your own photograph and the gallery pages paintings are free postage. The miniature ACEO paintings (size 3.5" x 2.5") are one to three in a parcel postage cost of £1.75. Everything else is one to three items in a parcel with a postage cost of £4.45.

If you are in the area then you could arrange to collect your items from my hubby.

Remember, if you want to show your friends and family your new painting via internet sites or email, you paid for your painting so don't let others be able to illegally print it off for free. Always edit the photo with some writing across it or lay a small peace of paper across the painting before you photograph it. It helps to prevent a clear printable image from floating around on the internet.

Payment Methods In Detail:

Choose your payment method. Below explains the safe choices of payment available for your items (non of your bank details are required).

How to pay via Pay Pal:

If you prefer you can receive an invoice email directly from PayPal requesting payment to me, which then links you to there site to pay. The most preferred method of payment as this is covered by pay pals buying and selling policies. Most forms of payment are accepted.

How to pay via Pay Pal Me:

I can text or email a link sentence which you click on, and it will go direct to my official Sophie Appleton PayPal payment page. This method holds no description of the item you have paid for. As with all Pay Pal methods you can pay me in English currency and PayPal deal with all the worldwide currency conversions for us.

How to pay via Cheque/Postal Order:

If you prefer to send the cheque or postal order, I will E-mail my address details with the order confirmation. Once payment is cleared I post your sweater or gift items, or if your buying a painting from the gallery pages I then begin to paint your picture. I do not put the postal address directly on this web site for safety reasons as my art studio is also my home address.

How to pay via BANK TRANSFER. Without your bank details

An ideal safe way to transfer money from your bank to mine without telling me any of your bank details. Its easy and quick to set up in minutes while your on the internet now. By using Paym to pay from your bank via your mobile phone number. If you prefer to transfer money into my account the ordinary with my account number instead I can send these details to you.

If you have a mobile phone and bank with either of the following: Barclays, Halifax, HSBC, Lloyds Bank, NatWest, TSB,  Nationwide, Bank of Scotland, Royal Bank of Scotland, Santander, Yorkshire Bank, First Direct, Clydesdale Bank, Cumberland Building Society, Danske bank, Isle of Man Bank, Ulster Bank.

Sending money with a mobile phone number will mean non of your bank details, sort codes or account numbers are required. Its free to register your mobile number with your bank they simply send a code to your mobile phone and you type in that code, and job done your registered, you can now pay friends, family or strangers with your bank account using your phone number instead of personal bank details ( find out more on your banks web site on the 'Paym' section.) You then use your banks mobile phone / tablets app to type in the phone number I give you, it will ask you to verify my name and number before it sends out any money from your bank account, you then check your sending money to the right person, and send it, you'll then receive confirmation that the payment has been sent.  

How to pay via bank transfer the ordinary way.

If you prefer to transfer money into my account the ordinary way with my account number instead I can send these details to you with your order confirmation.

How to pay via Bank Cards

Request an emailed invoice (which will be from PayPal). You can pay the invoice by clicking 'Pay Now' in the email sent to you without creating a PayPal account by click debit or credit card. Some items have a quick 'buy now' link sentence which can also be paid with bank cards.

Buy on Facebook, eBay, Etsy

Search Facebook for 'Sophie Appleton Watercolour Artist' and press the 'SHOP NOW' section. On eBay's search bar type in ''by Sophie Appleton'' and all listed items will appear. (I'm eBay seller six.foot.sophie). On Etsy you can also type in 'by Sophie Appleton' or search for our shop which is called 'Country Swirls' on there. All three online sites accept all kinds of payment methods, but you need to be a member of these sites to be able to purchase from them. You could click on the three link sentences below to be directed straight there. Please note that Facebook prices are usually the same as this web site, but due to the selling fees on eBay & Etsy certain items may be more expensive on those two sites.

click here shop on Facebook

Click here shop on eBay

click here shop on Etsy

Don't forget to 'like' my facebook page so that new paintings appear in your news feed :-)

How to pay via Cash:

If your in the area and you wish to pay via cash, (and also avoid postage costs) your more than welcome to collect your items ordered from my husbands 'Country Swirls' office at Vision House, 119 Factory Road, Hinckley, Leicestershire, LE10 0DP . We only accept cash on collection.

Commission Paintings

The gallery pages show all my past watercolour paintings and the prices next to each one for me to re-paint it just for you. The lovely thing is that no two watercolours are exactly the same. The design may be the same but the colours swirl and mix into each other differently each time, making your commission painting unique. Or order a commission from your own photograph.

How long a commission takes. Once I begin your painting it usually takes me two to three weeks. I may not start your painting straight away as I have other paintings to complete first. The waiting list varies from several weeks to several months.

Commission Sizes and prices All commission paintings are free postage in the U.K. The gallery page paintings are individually priced and are usually size 12"X9", they can also be painted onto 14"X10" at no extra cost, but the image size itself remains the same size as mentioned in its description. Painting from a photo can be size 12"x9" (31cm x 23cm) for £150 or size 14"x10" (33.5cm x 25.4cm) for £160, or the biggest size available which is 16"x12" (41cm x 31cm) for £190. When painting from a photo the image size will increases to suit the size of watercolour paper.

Your photo emailed to me must be good enough quality for me to enlarge to see the eyes in detail, as this makes or breaks a good painting. Head and shoulders photo paintings suit the first two sizes, but if you wish to have a full body then the bigger 16" size looks better, as in the example paintings. Two pets in a photo will not fit onto the 12" size. I paint from the one chosen photo, although sending a few can be helpful.

Size 12" x 9" is £150

Size 14" x 10" is £160

Size 16" x 12" is £190

Commission Payment in full must be received before I begin to paint your commission.

View your commission painting. When finished, I send you an email with a photo attached of your painting. If you like the painting then send me an email telling me to go ahead and post it.

Commission Refund On the other hand, after viewing the emailed photo, if you decide you no longer wish to buy it then send me an email asking for a refund and I can refund your money, and not post the painting.

Copyright You own the painting, but the copyright of the painting image remains with myself, Sophie Appleton. Any copying or printing etc will be followed with legal action.

Personalize your commission painting at no extra cost. Names, messages or special dates can be added in bold or subtle ways. No matter what the painting is, we can discuss ideas of where to place your wording. Above are some cropped zoomed in areas of paintings to show examples. Maybe add words to a balloon, big bold lettering above a painting, hide a name on the leaf of a flower, or add a special date only a few mm in size.

Postage Details World Wide

I do not send original watercolours in scrolls as this bends the painting, instead I package them with layers of cardboard to keep the painting flat. Unfortunately this means the weight of the parcel is expensive to send. Also I will only post items Tracked & signed. International tracked will have tracking at five points after dispatch as well as an on line confirmation of delivery, U.K. signed for will also have a tracking code. These tracking codes can be followed by entered them onto on web site www.royalmail.com (Track & Trace section).

World Postage Prices For Miniature Paintings (ACEO size of 3.5"X2.5")

  • 1 to 3 miniature paintings in one parcel, International Tracked £7.25. Delivery estimated 3 to 5 days.

World Postage Prices For Medium and small size paintings or prints 12"X9" , A4, A5  / Embroidered Tote Bag / Printed Tote Bag / T-Shirts / unframed embroidery:

  • One item posted world wide Tracked £10.55 delivery estimated 5 to 7 days.
  • Two items posted world wide Tracked £13 delivery estimated 5 to 7 days.
  • Three items posted world wide Tracked is £16 delivery estimated 5 to 7 days.

World Postage Prices For Sweaters / the bigger paintings sized 14"x10" or 16"x12".

  • One item world wide £12.90 delivery estimated 5 to 7 days.
  • Two items world wide £18.50 delivery estimated 5 to 7 days.
  • Three items world wide £22.50 delivery estimated 5 to 7 days.

Please note in rare occasions an item can take up to 25 days to arrive at the fault of Royal Mail.

Weight of items.

If you would like to research my postage prices 'tracking' Royal Mail: The weight of one miniature ACEO painting is 0.019kg, the weight of two miniature ACEO paintings is 0.023kg, the weight of three miniature ACEO paintings is 0.027kg, the weight of one 12"x9" painting is 0.255kg, two 12"x9" paintings weigh 0.276kg, three 12"x9" paintings weigh 0.308kg, one sweater is 0.451kg, one large hessian tote bag is 0.286kg, one unframed embroidery is 0.258kg, one framed embroidery is 1.253kg, one large size printed or embroidered cotton tote bag is 0.256kg (don't forget to include appropriate cost of the items inside the parcel).

Your Postal Zone;

UK ; This zone comprises of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

European Union & Europe (NON E.U.) ; Irish Republic Albania Denmark Kyrgyzstan Russia Andorra Estonia Latvia San Marino Armenia Faroe Islands Liechtenstein Serbia Austria Finland Lithuania Slovakia Azerbaijan France Luxembourg Slovenia Azores Georgia Macedonia Spain Balearic Islands Germany Madeira Sweden Belarus Gibraltar Malta Switzerland Belgium Greece Moldova Tajikistan Bosnia Herzegovina Greenland Monaco Turkey Bulgaria Hungary Montenegro Turkmenistan Canary Islands Iceland Netherlands Ukraine Corsica Norway Uzbekistan Croatia Italy Poland Vatican City State Cyprus Kazakhstan Portugal Czech Republic Kosovo Romania.

World Zone 1; Covers all countries, not defined as being in Europe or World Zone 2. World Zone 1 generally covers countries in North America, South America, Africa, the Middle East, the Far East and South East Asia.

World Zone 2; Australia Belau British Indian Ocean Territory Christmas Island (Indian Ocean)Christmas Island (Pacific Ocean) Cocos Islands Cook Island Coral Sea Island Fiji French Polynesia French South Antarctic Territory Keeling Kiribati Macao Nauru Island New Caledonia New Zealand New Zealand Antarctic Territory Niue Island Norfolk Island Norwegian Antarctic Territory Papua New Guinea People's Democratic Republic of Laos Pitcairn Island Republic of Singapore Solomon Islands Tahiti Tokelau Islands Tonga Tuvalu US Samoa Western Samoa

Financial Reward:

Being fairly good at what I do, I have had other artists copy my style, we have had court cases and won. So this is worth reading if you see my stuff elsewhere :-)

I will give a generous financial reward resulting from the winnings from the court case, if your information and evidence can prove my designs have been used elsewhere. (proof such as a purchase receipt with the item). A lesser reward is also offered for any other minor information if helpful to prosecuting a design thief. Fill in one of the order forms to get in contact with me. You will remain anonymous. NB www.countryswirls.com are aloud to sell my designs on gift items and sweatshirts (my husband and I own this web site too), and thepostcardstore web site are aloud to sell the ten flower designs on post cards (shown near the bottom of the 'blog page'). I hope to start making some prints of my paintings for the first time in March 2016 of new designs, not previous originals bought by customers. Each print sold will also have a pencil signed signature, as proof the print was purchased from me. You can't re-print pencil !! All my art works are sent to myself at the time of creation as well as photo copies made, ready for the next court case.

Policies and Purchase & Refund Policies

We are not liable for any items which have been lost in the mail, undelivered or stolen on arrival. You will be given the tracking code when your item is posted tracked, or you can request a photo of the proof of postage with standard post, for you to then claim for the missing item yourself with Royal Mail. Refunds only if the item is returned within 14 days. Art works must be unused (as in no attempts to frame a painting) and undamaged. Gift items and clothing must be unused, unworn, tags still on. The buyer pays the return postage costs. Refunds are for the price of the items only, if postage costs were originally paid this can not be refunded. If the customer is from a country which will require custom fees / tax duty to be paid on collection, the duties and associated fees are the responsibility of the buyer. If we post to an address which can not be delivered to (regardless of in the U.K. or outside of the U.K. even if the item was free post or paid postage) and the parcel is returned to us, we are happy to re post if the buyer provides a new shipping address and the buyer pays the additional shipping charge which will be according to what the royal mail track able prices quote us. Please note if items were bought together in a discounted deal (e.g. one bag plus one sweater together at a discounted price) and you are not happy with one of the items, you must return both items in that purchase for you to have a refund or exchange. Please return with name & address and your reason for return. Please post using recorded signed for postage for your own insurance, because if we do not receive your items we can not refund or exchange. Send the items to Mr Keith Huddlestone, Vision House, 119 Factory Road, Hinckley, Leicestershire, LE10 0DP.

I own this web site alone with no outside advertising ,if you contact me all your details remain private and will not be passed on to other company's for junk email's. Any financial details will remain confidential to myself. Any links I suggest you view are my opinion and not a necessity and I will not be held responsible for any outside milieus or damaging viruses or hackers that may be on those outside sites at the time you visit them. This web site is http://www.sixfootsophie.co.uk and any other sites you visit through these added links which I have added, are your own responsibility if you choose to visit them. Sounds scary but its the legal fodder I have to add to my website :-) 

Thank you for your purchase

Sophie :-)

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