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WELCOME :-) Thank you for taking the time to visit my artists web site. Contemporary Artist Sophie Appleton. Please view all the pages.

I've been told my paintings look happy and cheerful with the swirls and movement, giving a feed good factor when viewing them, take a look at all the pages on this site and decide for yourself. Postage worldwide from rainy old England.

Swirly Soph's watercolour & Pen Adventure begins here.....

SOPHIE'S STORY. After 12 years of employment in computer digitizing, I was made redundant in 2006. With bills coming in, alone and with and a son to look after I decided to turn my hobbies into a small business and also I returned to school as a mature student. I had kept a small jar with a mixture of foreign notes, from holidays before my son was born. Taking this into a shop in Hinckley, I eagerly waited as the shop assistant counted the different currencies. It resulted in a total of almost £120. With a determination to succeed and a small amount of money to assign creating a web page I got stuck straight into learning how to make a web site myself and bringing all of these hobbies and interests on to one site. SixFootSophie

Originally starting this web site in 2006 by making stamp designs and hand made cards. My business then changed in 2008 towards children's nail art parties and painting peoples photographs black & white onto canvas. But the biggest change happened in May 2011 at age 37 when I sat happily in the garden on a beautiful summers day, picked up an old watercolour set from my college days, and painted a picture of some flowers. Little did I know that just one painting would start my swirly watercolour adventure.

This website has several pages. A range of more affordable Art 4 SALE only £13.95 each painting. All four Gallery pages show hundreds of past sold paintings I can re-paint just for you. The ACEO Gallery is mini sized original art. Sale price originals in stock right now are on Paintings 4 SALE page. Other pages like T-Shirts and Sweaters and Gifts. The Framing Advice page will help you choose the right frame for your art work. Catch up on the latest news about how my creative adventures are going by viewing the BLOG page.

Last but certainly not least is the FREE !!! page, subscribe for a free reminder via email for each new artwork that I create. Don't miss out after all you never know what I may paint next!

If you look very carefully on each watercolour painting with ink detail, you will eventually find one of my own personal secret markings, its a small face in ink (eyes, nose & smile), mixed in among all the swirls of the pen work :-) some people look and look and can not find it for a long time as it is only a couple of mm in size.

Painting is now my favorite pastime, most days are spent with a paintbrush in hand, creating new paintings each week. My art studio is in Burbage, Leicestershire and you may see me out and about walking my old Black & Tan dog.

I have 'Irlen syndrome' which is an eye sight aversion to daylight , bipolar disorder, and I also have dyslexia. But this has not hindered my determination and I wear special blue tinted irlen glasses enabling me to now read and paint with more clarity, which was missed throughout my school years, during the diagnosis I was found to have a higher than average IQ which makes me feel like the scarecrow from the wizard of Oz finally finding a brain ! It was thanks to my tutors at Hinckley College whom spotted my difficulty in reading, thanks to their referral for dyslexia testing at age 35 I have my irlen glasses.

Being happy in changing my career also made me more happy in my personal life and I got married in December 2012, at 39 I was finally off that dusty shelf ! Because I was already quite well known in watercolour circles and some galleries I have kept my maiden name Sophie Appleton for all my art works.

FREE phone app which I made for you. Try it and see if you enjoy it. Search the App Store (for iOS phones) or Google Play (for Android phones) for Swirly Soph Art. It uses very little of your phone storage. If you're searching on an iPad search using the list of 'phone' apps, otherwise it will not show up in your iPad search. Not all phone app's get accepted by Apple to be included in there app store search, I was thrilled when mine was aloud to be included, and hopefully you will be thrilled by the app to.

To save time searching the quick links are below if you are considering downloading the app:

Phone app on Google Play

Phone app on iTunes

Do you want to view the gallery pages paintings on a larger scale? Then view my Facebook page, even if you are not a member of that site you can view my page with this link https://www.facebook.com/SwirlySophArt  I love to chit chat on my posts with you and let me know if you have bought something from me. My Facebook page is called 'Sophie Appleton Watercolour Artist' and it's messenger is @SwirlySophArt .Sadly Facebook are reducing pages from appearing in your feed, even if you 'liked' a page, but by commenting or liking my posts, my stuff will continue to appear in your feed.

Copyright of all Sophie Appleton's paintings remains with the artist, and any copying or printing will be followed up legally.

Email sixfootsophie@yahoo.com Or messenger me on Facebook @SwirlySophArt

Thank you for your interest

Sophie  :-)

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