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Welcome, this Blog is Sophie's story continued, my adventures in the world of creativity. Or watch the videos on my YouTube channel which is this link:

March 2018

I have just updated all my photos being as I have now aged a bit, 44 years old. Sophie appleton (some may know me as my married name of Mrs Sophie Huddlestone). I hope you enjoy all the pages on this website, my official artists site www.sixfootsophie.co.uk

February / March 2018

This month I have been glued to watching Sky Arts Portrait Artist of the Year 2018. I normally paint fluffy animals and flowers, and always avoided faces. So here is my first ever pencil portrait (of my wee little daughter) and first watercolour portrait (of David Tennant with a couple of blokes in the way! Frank Skinner and Tai Shan Schierenberg). My second portrait is of Brad Pitt. I used a pencil grid method to draw them, which I noticed the artists on the T.V. show doing. It really does help get a likeness by using the grid, even if they took me ages to draw out and plan. Just love the comical banta between Frank Skinner and the artists, he cracks me up :-)

December 2017

This month I created a new YouTube video showing how to paint a basic watercolour tree for beginners, and I also edited my SWIRLY SOPH ART phone app. The app now has art on display which has been created by you on its new 'You Did It' section, live chat, community mapper, art challenges etc. Hopefully the app will now encourage hobbyists to get involved in art with each other, instead of just viewing my art. I'm always on the app as your own professional artist to give advice and chat along your artsy journey. So if you or your kids have an art work you are proud of and want it on public display for the world to view, then get the free 'Swirly Soph Art' app, and view its Challenge section for all the details. (Download the 'Swirly Soph Art' app from Google Play or the App Store).  

November 2017

I haven't been painting much this month as I have been working more on encouraging creativity in others. Finding speaking in public a no no for me, I have decided to do this via a website and on the app. The aim is to get more folks interested in creating art themselves by suggesting what to paint or draw (on the app's JOIN IN section) and then displaying your art on the website and app (on the app's YOU DID IT section).

As a professional artist I understand that feeling when you want to create some art, only to look at a blank page, and think what on earth shall I paint. This mental block can to often make that zest for creating something get pushed away, and you end up not bothering, and that chance for the feel good factor has gone. Perhaps these art challenges could encourage you to get artsy, take a peek at its basic website which launched this month, if it proves to be popular then a more technical website may be needed in future. https://ssachallenge.wordpress.com

October 2017

This month I have added a new page to my website called CRAZY ITEMS which are designed by myself but sold on a global website called Redbubble. I have two designs selling on their products, and a portion of the sales goes to the Artist while they do all the hard work of making, posting and customer service. The two designs are Eye Color Love and Steampunk Bunny. The products are for you and your home.(The art is only sold by myself on the Art 4 SALE page). This is my newly designed business card (front and back) as I will be wearing these clothes and hopefully folks will be asking me where I bought them from.

September 2017

I don't actually make cards yet with my paintings on them, but I made a couple for family members this month. I do have ten floral postcards, and if your lucky you may have had one free with your painting, which looks fab in a frame as a small picture.

August 2017

To read the words of the jokes tag line you can either use the options on your Facebook or download a free QR Code app. This month I have been learning how to make QR codes. (The checkered box). How to scan it on Facebook - if you are a member of Facebook, get a loved ones phone or tablet and with one gadget viewing this photo use the other gadget to open Facebook's free QR Code scanner. This can be found by pressing menu, under its EXPLORE list, QR Code. In this scanner mode hover it over the checkered box. The words of the jokes tag line (String from QR code) will pop up from me @SwirlySophArt. My jokes are known for being terrible so you are not missing out by not doing this !

Knock Knock
Who's there?
Orange who?........ (read above for the jokes tag line).

I even used a QR code I'd made, to hide a secret embracing message on the back of my sons birthday card too.

July 2017

This watercolour painting was a commission from a photograph of a customers pet. I didn't add black swirly ink detail as I felt it would show up to boldly on the white body compared to being quite hidden on the dogs head. I find painting mainly white animals a challenge as my style is to add lots of unusual colours, and I wanted to still make the light areas seem white without having a painted background.

For more details about commissions, like having your photograph painted in my swirly colourful style, please view the order/payment page.

June 2017

Sophie's other arty BLOGS:

Swirly Soph. This is about the freebies that I'm giving away. Things like free postage codes or original paintings and prints give away competitions. A new post is added every few months.


Sophie Art Originals. This is each new painting that I create. The regularity of these posts depends on how much painting time I have, so some weeks there will be nothing, other weeks there may be two or three


March 2017

Just lately my painting time has been quite a luxury, our daughter no longer takes her afternoon naps and is not yet at a nursery. Having a 15yr old son too, I know full well that the preschool years fly by so quickly. I'm more than happy to wait another year until I can paint more regularly. For those precious occasions that I do paint something I have set up a free reminder service which will send you an email showing you my latest original artwork.

View the FREE !!!! page, to add your email address. By the way once that new painting it is sold that article may get deleted so please view your email within 10 days :-)

February 2017

This commission painting of a rose was personalized with a name added to the painting. So it was not obvious at first glance it was added to the leaf with paint.

For more details about commissions please view the order/payment page.

October 2016

Sometimes I add a commission painting on here and this one has to be my favorite one of the month. This Dodo painting was created at a customers request to have special dates and names added. As the customer wanted feminine accessories on the Dodo I added these personal words and dates to the handbag.

For more details about commissions, like choosing your own subject for me to paint, please view the order/payment page.

September 2016

Being dyslexic I just hope I've not made any spelling errors on these new flyers I've just ordered, it's to late now if I have. I will be putting one of these into each wrapped parcel I post, along with my website leaflet, just need to sit back and wait for them to arrive now.


Below are the quick links, to click on, to consider downloading this app:

My app on Google Play

My app on the App Store

August 2016

We very rarely go away on a holiday but this year we did. Having had a lovely week away in Devon, Woolacombe, I painted several scenic watercolours. I sold them all straight away but kept this one for myself, as it was the view from where we stayed.

Also I have started giving away free postage discount codes now and then. If you already have the free phone app 'Swirly Soph Art' you will have seen these codes on its 'Bargains' icon.

July 2016

I have not been painting much this week as I am busy building a free phone app with a live feed to my latest new art, as soon as the paint is dry. You can download it for android phones on google play, and just recently it was also approved by apple and added to there list of apps for IOS iPhones. Search for it on those phone app sites, it's called Swirly Soph Art.

Making the phone app

It's a great little app for art lovers or new and return customers. Some people pop on it just when they are stuck for buying a birthday prezzie to see what new original art or bargains are on offer, others have a more involved interaction and use all its quirky little icons.

June 2016

My very first ever ACEO watercolours. These will be original hand painted miniature watercolours size 2.5" X 3.5". People display them on mini easels, collect them in albums or swap & trade them. After several failed attempts at painting smaller in the past, they say try try try again, well I have, and finally I am producing my first ever range. ACEO stands for 'Art Cards, Editions and Originals'. Please view the new page added called 'Gallery ACEO'.

You Tube Video

Click the YouTube sentence below to open a new page on YouTube to watch my new mini video. You can close the page afterwards and continue to read my story so far on here :-)


May / June 2016

The last few weeks I have been busy painting several commission paintings from photographs. This male ginger cat is known for the mardy looking faces he pulls and the owner was thrilled with this colourful painting which captured his intense expression. size 14" X 10" watercolour and pen painting.

This is Millie & Maisie Cockapoo's on paper size 14"X10".

Commission paintings are not always of your pets. This is from a photo of a garden, its my own back garden and I kept this one for our own little cottage.

For more details about commissions, like having your photograph painted in my swirly colourful style, please view the order/payment page.

April 2016

On 3rd April I sold just four art prints (from my Art 4 SALE   page) to 'Contactus' picture framing and gifts shop in Hinckley, Leicestershire. They have framed them and are selling them in their shop. One Cool Zebra Zest, one Emerald Giraffe, one Blue Eyed Bunny and one Peep Po Penguins.

By 11th May I was contacted by the shop owner to say the Peep Po Penguin and Emerald Giraffe had already sold and that the art works had been catching the eye of many customers. So with only the Bunny and Zebra left if you wanted to buy one from the shop get it quick as they only had one of each. By the way if you have one of my art replicas (prints) and it doesn't have a purchase code plus other details written in pencil on the back, then it is most likely to be an illegal print, so please contact me. I can also confirm if your code is genuine if you are simply interested in confirming this. I offer a reward for copyright theft, unfortunately it is always a risk that someone has tried to replicate prints from prints for there own gain - see reward details at the bottom of the Order/Payment page.

March / April 2016

For the first time ever I have started producing art replicas. They are on watercolour paper which makes them look very similar to an original and each print sold will have an extra pencil signature as proof of authenticity, (being in pencil it makes any fake copy's easy to follow up with court proceedings). Please view my 'Art 4 SALE' page regularly to see if new ones have been added.

March 2016

Well I'm trying something new this month. I'm selling my new 'Loppie Love' painting with a D.I.Y. auction on my Facebook page 'Sophie Appleton Watercolour Artist'. Its quite easy for you to bid, you just click on painting on relevant the FOR SALE facebook post post (to make sure the comments are on my artists stream and not someone's elses forwarded stream) type in the amount your willing to pay on the comments section and raise it if someone else bids higher. I just hope if it does sell it will be going to a real bunny loving home :-) SORRY NOW SOLD.

Below shows the photo I used as inspiration from this painting which came from a lovely bunny called Binky owned by Victoria Nicole . This real bunny has its own Facebook page - Binky The'Bunny - such a cute house rabbit.

For more details about commissions, like having your photograph painted in my swirly colourful style, please view the order/payment page.

March 2016

Great news for all of the 1200 people who have previously bought a painting from me, your art work has increased in its value, the prices now for a re-paint of the one you bought has increased, in some cases doubled. Hold onto your paintings as they are getting more popular, and if you don't own one yet then grab one before the prices go up even more :-)

Easter Sunday Competition

I'm giving away this painting do you want it? Simply 'like' share & comment on the competition post on my Facebook page! Winner picked Easter Sunday 27/03/16 (optional - on my actual main Facebook page tick my 'like' button if you want to see more of my stuff in your news feed). Spreading Easter bunny love with this FREE original painting, it is not a print, 12"X9" unframed 'Blue Eyed Bunny'.

February 2016

I'm spreading the love again this valentines by giving away a free tote bag on my Facebook page. Winner picked on Mothers Day 06/03/16. Search face book for 'Swirly Soph Art' for my 'Sophie Appleton Watercolour Artist' Facebook page to enter.

Update on 6/4/16 the winner was selected out of 154 enteries via an old fashioned paper draw out of a hat by my 2yr old daughter - Sarah Ridgewell - she chose the giraffe tote bag and it will be in the post on its way tomorrow. I'm looking forward to launching the next free give away competition on my Facebook page soon.

February 2016

As my two year old daughter takes up more of my time, I have not painted as many pictures this month. But we have launched new printed T-Shirts for sale, and printed large shopping bags.

The first batch sold out in a week, so my husband has been very busy making more of our Country Swirls range, which I have now added to my paintings web site. Please view the T-Shirts, Sweaters, and the Gifts pages on this site for more details.

January 2016

Happy new year to all my lovely customers! I've started this year with the new launch of embroidered sweatshirts with collars from our new Country Swirls range which I designed. I've been busy making the face book page '' Country Swirls Gifts by Sophie'' I hope you pop on and press the 'like' button so you can see new items as I post them on there. Press on the underlined wording to go straight to Facebook to view it now.


I also have a new double leaflet with my paintings on one side and the Country Swirls gifts on the other side.

Oh and of cause, I had to have a sweater for myself, my personal choice was the cat as I used to have a beautiful tabby cat.

Christmas 2015

Here is one of several commission paintings I did over Christmas. ''My auntie absolutely loved the picture of blue (the dogs name) Thank you so much''. Cath xxx

For more details about commissions, like having your photograph painted in my swirly colourful style, please view the order/payment page.

Also this week, I have just started to sell my paintings on Etsy.com (as well as eBay.co.uk). The on line shop Etsy accepts all kinds of payment where as on my web site I only accept PayPal cheque or postal order. The name of my shop on Etsy is called 'Country Swirls'. As with on ebay you can search on Etsy for 'by Sophie Appleton' and all my items will appear.

December 2015

Here is a photograph of some of the first items which have been made, ready to sell just in time for Christmas 2015.

Our Country Swirls swing tickets and sweatshirt labels for the new range of gift items we are making, they have just been made and look lovely. The watercolour effect card looks great and my trade mark smiling face is on all labels. (Because I always add a secret smiling face in the ink detail on all my watercolour paintings). If you have bought a painting from me, have you found your smiling face yet?

October 2015

My husband and I have decided to start a new business selling my paintings onto gift items such as embroidered sweatshirts, printed shopping bags and T-Shirts. We have called it 'Country Swirls' (press the underlined wording below to go straight to the site). So that I can still use all my spare time on watercolour painting, he is taking over making the small ranges and I can just carry on with the thing I love the most, which is watercolour painting.

(web site) www.countryswirls.com

I'm looking forward to the coming months as we add new gift items for sale on Country Swirls.

July 2015

Before I was a watercolour artist I used to design and create embroidery’s. The beginning of July 2015 I have returned to embroidery Art and decided to turn some of my popular watercolour paintings into beautiful embroidered  pictures.

February 2015

(Sorry Sold) Number 1000 Floral Whisper watercolour and pen painting. Textured watercolour paper Size 31cm (12inch) by 23cm (9inch), Image size approximately 26cm high and 19.5cm wide.

I have sold my 1000'th painting this week. Painting since May 2011 each one has been a pleasure.

December 2014

December has been very busy with commission paintings. Various beautiful pets from photographs and gallery requests have been painted just in time for christmas. Above is a painting of the Burbage post office which sadly has closed down after years of service. It was painted as a surprise gift for the owner on leaving. 

The two dogs above were completed before Christmas too. For more details about commissions, like having your photograph painted in my swirly colourful style, please view the order/payment page.

November 2014

My lovely Hubby has bought me a lovely pair of apple earrings to celebrate that all my paintings are sold with my maiden name signature of ' Appleton '.

Also this month I painted from a photo, this Kangaroo.

October 2014

This month I am experimenting on a more textured watercolour paper. (A zoomed in section of a painting above shows an example) It is slightly more expensive and still extremely good quality which I am used to. The textured surface will alter the way the paint floats and moves, gliding over the paper in a different way before it sinks into the paper to dry. Also the textured watercolour paper (12'' X 9'')  is slightly longer at 31cm long where as the ordinary watercolour paper is 30.5cm long

August 2014

My new mini certificate cards have arrived from vista print. I decided on one of my popular chicken designs for the background. I place one of these cards with each painting sold as your own certificate of purchase.

This is Henry the dog, a lovely commission painting I did this month from an emailed photograph. For more details about commissions, like having your photograph painted in my swirly colourful style, please view the order/payment page.

July 2014

Above is a watercolour painting of Barney , 12'' X 9''  a lovely cocker spaniel painting completed this July 2014. Once I've started a commission it usually take two to three weeks to complete. Simply email me your photograph and it is payment with pay pal. For more details about commissions please view the order/payment page.

A commission watercolour of a beautiful couple of dogs , 10'' X 14'' one is a labradoodle and the other is a Spanish water dog, painted in April 2014.

March 2014

It is always a joy to hear from my customers and Carol Billingham from Essex has sent me this lovely photograph of three paintings which she purchased from this web site. She said "Thanks for the paintings Sophie, they look great, well worth the wait." (As I was closed for January and February) "Just what I needed to finish off our new extension. I'm so chuffed with the paintings, they look great up and everyone who has seen them has admired them I would be happy for you to put the photo on your web page and tell everyone that I love them, Carol x"

January & February 2014

I will be unable to paint commissions during January and February due to other commitments and also coming to the end of my pregnancy. I'm looking forward to motherhood all over again in 2014. So there may be a slightly lesser amount of paintings by me due to family commitments but in the mean time I will do my best to list new paintings when possible. After a successful two and a half years, and selling over 800 original paintings, it is a career that I certainly won't be away from for long, and hopefully in a few months will be back on track selling lots more happy art works for your loving homes.

November 2013  

Lost / Stolen Painting

Have you seen these lost / stolen paintings? They were both in the same parcel going from Burbage post office to Torpoint in Cornwall. Posted on 4th November 2013 and have never arrived. Please contact me if you see them as they have not been returned yet. I have only ever painted these designs once so there are no others like it, and I never allow prints of my work only original watercolours. I will remove this paragraph from my web site if they are returned. Out of 800 sold paintings its a shame when even just one parcel goes missing.

Sept 2017 - Missing Paintings update

The paintings are still missing and have never been recovered.

November 2013

I have booked a table, and will be selling several of my paintings at this event in November.

Saturday 23rd November 2013 , between 5.30pm-8.30pm

The Charity Christmas Market. Rendezvous Room at Vision House, 119 Factory Road, Hinckley, Leicestershire, LE10 0DP

There will be loads of other arts, crafts, gifts, food and drink available. So visit us and get those perfect Christmas gifts and help us do our bit for charity.

October 2013

I have had several commission pieces of work to do this month.

Below is the Burmese mountain dog 'Troy' which I did late 2012

More examples below of commission paintings from November / December 2013.

Photographs can be emailed to me and once I begin to paint it takes me two to three weeks to complete a painting.

For more details about commissions, like having your photograph painted in my swirly colourful style, please view the order/payment page.

July 2013

This month my son has very kindly made a face book page for me called Sophie Appleton Watercolour Artist, but you search for Swirly Soph Art, because its messenger is @SwirlySophArt

If you are a face book user please look it up and tick the ''like'' button. Lots and lots of photographs of my paintings which are in more close up detail than the miniature photos on my web site. Plus in him teaching me how to use Facebook I now do it all myself and post direct links to the eBay listed paintings I'm selling. (NEW UPDATE ADDED - on 17.2.16 I have added a BUY NOW shop tab on my Facebook page). You can press on the link below (the underlined sentence) which will take you directly to the face book page.


It's messenger is @SwirlySophArt for you to message me on Facebook.

When it comes to the internet though I'm still more at home in my art studio, gadget free, surrounded by the old fashioned pleasure of painting and drawing with my little old dog curled up next to me.

June 2013

I have had my second batch of leaflets printed this month, and I have slightly altered the design so that my popular Giraffe is on the front cover.

April 2013

I have recently set up a twitter account @CreativeMrsH  (or search for 'Sophie Appleton Art') where you could follow me, see all my latest PAINTINGS 4 SALE and read my general chit chat. Join twitter and read my tweets of a creative mind at work.  

Also this month I did a commission painting of a holiday villa.

March 2013

This Snowdrop painting will be part of a charity raffle at a summer fete on 13th July 2013. It is for the snowdrop charity for brain injured children. Go along to the fete held at Snowdrop, Middle Beer, Brithem Bottom, Cullompton, Devon, EX15 1NB, and join in this important fund raiser where all the money raised goes to the treatment which they provide for the children.

Also this month was a painting from a photo, this lovely dog.

February 2013

In February I have donated an original 'Iris Swirl' watercolour, painted on valentines day and ten post cards to the Glenfield Mental health unit, Heather ward. I hope they will frame them and hang them up to bring a little joy to those patients spending time in there. Having had illness myself in the past I have found painting a great form of relaxation. Spreading the love for valentines day ;-) 2013

January 2013

A happy new year to everyone 2013. This month I will be having my new flyer leaflets printed. I designed them myself so I hope the spelling is correct !

December 2012

I got married end of December 2012. My husband is more than happy to share me with my other love of watercolour painting. I am sure that the change in career helped me become a lot happier person in general, and love also brings out the best in all of us, to love and be loved for all your faults as well as the good stuff is the real thing, and it was worth waiting until I was 39 years old to find my Mr Right and feel so happy. I'm sure my brother Garrick (who died in a road accident in 1999) would have been thrilled to bits to see his little 6 foot sis on her wedding day smile so much.

December 2012

News this month, that I sold my 500th original watercolour painting early December 2012 'Love you' Chickens.

Its been a fab couple of years of painting , and hope that 2013 is just as busy. Thank you to all who have inspired me with kind words, and a special thanks to all my return customers. And a thank you from my son, who can now enjoy having a stay at home mum.

November 2012

An Update from the postcard store. They wrote on their web site news letter October 24th 2012 :-

''Have you seen our beautiful watercolour postcards which were created by the talented artist Sophie Appleton especially for us? Well, when we got these postcards ready for print we photographed the beautiful original paintings. Which means we have ten, stunning original Sophie Appleton watercolours for you to claim and grace your walls with.''

They started a flower quiz and said '' it is really worth entering because we have ten stunning original watercolours by the talented artist Sophie Appleton to give away. We loved these so much we made them into postcards and they have been one of our best sellers.''

I was thrilled to see such lovely comments written on their news letter, to have my art work as the prize and most of all to know that my ten floral designs have turned out to be one of their best selling ranges.

September 2012

From October 2012 a selection of my paintings will be available to buy from the Lincolnshire Gallery. They are all originals and not prints, ranging from animals to floral . 

  • The Lincolnshire Gallery, 
  • Millfield Nursery,
  • Spalding Common,
  • Spalding,
  • Lincolnshire,
  • PE11 3JZ.
  • Tel: 01775 722921

April 2012

The post card store on the internet has approached me to have permission to sell ten of my floral designs on post cards for world wide sales. Unfortunately I do not receive any commission from the postcards sales, but they have been a good way to get my work more widely known. I sold them ten original watercolour paintings and agreed for them to be photographed for use on post cards only, in exchange for some free postcards for me to keep. When starting up as an artist all publicity is welcome, even though I would not receive any commission from post card sales. The designs on the post cards do not have my hall mark smiley face in the ink detail as they were designs painted at the beginning of my painting career. Below is the first print run which arrived later this month (April 2012) for my approval.

Postcards for with my watercolour paintings printed onto them.

  • Echinops Ritro
  • Wild Blue Flowers - bluebells
  • Sweet Peas
  • Wild Iris
  • Dancing Thistles
  • Wild Flowers
  • Vinca Minor
  • Coccinea Sunrise
  • Blue Poppies
  • Papara Orientale

August 2011

Lynda Page , the author , purchased six of my paintings. She is busy writing her new book which should be out later this year.

October 22nd - 2nd Dec 2011

The exhibition Gallery at Hinckley, Leicestershire is showing three art paintings of my work and they can be purchased from the exhibit.

This is a photograph of me next to my three paintings in the Hinckley gallery in October 2011.

Wild Iris Swirl. The wild iris painting is a wash of colourful watercolour tones .Having irlen syndrome (an aversion to daylight) I wear blue tinted glasses , this compensates my view of the painting and makes the finished painting result in brighter colours.

This is a close up (of the above painting) showing the swirls and detail on the iris .

Blue Corn Flowers. My floral focus is not on the background (the past) nor the foreground (the future) but only on the flowers being directly viewed (the present). After all the past has gone, the future doesn’t yet exist the only reality is the present.

Dancing thistles. I try to let my brush dance over the page making fluffy thistles have movement and vibrant colour.

May 2011

This is my art studio which was built at the bottom of our garden in 2011 so that I can work & look after the family.




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Sophie  :-)